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  • 1st XV Player of the Year - Phil Hewitt 
  • 2nd XV Player of the Year - Adam Baines  
  • Best Newcomer - Ricky Kirkwood 
  • Most Improved Player - Christian Setzkorn
  • Clubman of the Year - John Murray

  • 1st XV Player of the Year - Andy McGrory
  • 2nd XV Player of the Year - Carl Ross
  • Captains Player of the Year - Peter Dickens
  • Best Newcomer - Nick Martin
  • Clubman of the Year - James Wilcox

  • 1st XV Player of the Year - Andy McGrory
  • Players Player of the Season - Phil Martin
  • Top Try Scorer - Paul Finnegan

  • 1st XV Captain - Andy McGrory
  • Player of the Year - Aki
  • Captains Player of the year - Ricky Kirkwood
  • Best Newcomer - Neal Holman
  • Top Points Scorer - Paul Finnegan
  • 2nd XV Captain - Pete Barnet
  • Player of the Year - George Ross
  • Top Points Scorer - Neil Scott
  • 3rd XV Captain - Ste Lucas
  • Player of the Year - Ian Reid

  • 1st XV Captain - Stephen Finnegan
  • Players Player of the year - Detrix Tomlinson
  • Captains player of the year - Richie Fold
  • 2nd XV Captain - Big Eddy
  • Player of the year - Adam Baines
  • 3rd XV Captain - Ste Lucas
  • Player of the year - Paddy Burns
  • Best Newcomer - Matt Downey
  • Most Improved Player - Nick Baker

Mossley Hill RUFC was established in 1986 when Liverpool RFC left Aigburth for the delights of St Helens; to form Liverpool St Helens. Those players who chose not to leave Liverpool formed Mossley Hill RUFC who now play home fixtures at Sudley Playing Fields in the grounds of Sudley House. Our infamous sloping pitch which one quote described as, uphill from both ends!, also has the interesting local rule, if the ball hits the tree it is out. The tree in question hangs about 5 metres over the pitch, which does make life occasionally interesting.

Mossley Hill players are a conglomerate of ageing ex-Liverpool players, converted footballers, former students, current students and alikidos! The mixture seems to work well and adds to the thriving social side of the club. The accents heard during the game may not be just non-scouse but occasionally not even English. Mossley Hill has attracted players from Norway, Germany, Uganda, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand over the past 16 years, as well as the usual Irish, Scots and Welsh hoards. Former players also have found international honours, with Ritchie Savko playing for Botswana and Emmanuel Guhirwa playing for Switzerland.

Mossley Hill RUFC tours have become a focal point of the season and are a must for those who like a good time. Past tours include Belgium, Holland, Scotland, Ireland and the Czech Republic in 2002. There are many famous stories of the past tours but needless to say, what goes on tour stays on tour!! The no kicking on tour rule is nearly always adhered to, usually because the earache and ensuing fine is the obvious outcome.

Mossley Hill RUFC is always looking for new players both young and not so young. Please browse our website for playing and training information. Also if you are a former or current player who wishes to contribute to the website please contact Pete or Steve with your contributions (e-mail us on the contact page).